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The Town of St. Paul was incorporated by the Circuit Court in Wise County, Virginia on April 12, 1911.  St. Paul is a bi-county town located in the Appalachian mountains of Wise and Russell County, Virginia.There are two major subdivisions located within the town limits; Gray Hill Subdivision located in Wise County and West Hills Subdivision located in Russell County.


St. Paul is governed by a town council composed of six council members and a mayor, all of whom shall be qualified voters of the town.The regular municipal election is held on the first Tuesday in May every two years.Each election, the voters elect three council members and a mayor.The next election will be held in May, 2016. The Council, along with the Mayor, shall make such rules as are necessary for the orderly conduct of their business not inconsistent with the laws of Virginia and shall have the powers in their discretion to appoint a vice-mayor, town manager, clerk, treasurer, town attorney, and a chief of police, who shall have such duties and shall serve at the pleasure of the Council and at such compensation as the Council may determine, consistent with general law.


The budget process and financial reporting for the Town of St. Paul is on a fiscal year which begins on July 1 of each year and ends on June 30 of the following year. Once the budget is approved by the Council for the fiscal year, adjustments to that budget may only be made by majority vote of the Council.

St. Paul Comprehensive Plan  (PDF)

St. Paul Government

Financial Reporting:

St. Paul's Police Vehicles Sporting A New Look
The new decals look great!

Hubert Kyle Fletcher, Mayor            



Kenneth Holbrook, Vice-Mayor         



Debora Baca, Town Treasurer/Clerk



Glenda Lane, Deputy Clerk  


Wendee Jones, Secretary/AR Clerk  

Jonathon Johnson, Chief of Police



Earl Carter, Public Works Director


276-762-5297 M-F 8am-4:30pm



Johnny Hicks, Superintendent Street/Sewer Dept  


John Hicks, Maintenance Supervisor



Julie Hensley, Town Attorney

PO Box 599

Big Stone Gap, VA 24219


Robert Mullins, Building Official


PO Box 570

Wise, VA  24293


Town Officials & Staff
Town Council

Greg Bailey 



Tim Boardwine 


Harry Kelly



Monty Salyer 


Josh Sawyers


Board Members
Board of Building Code Appeals


Chris Evans,  March 2018

Aubrey Ward/Chair,  March 2017

Terri Ann Hill, March 2019

Jay Zeigler,  March 2018

Linda Head,  March 2018


Board of Zoning Appeals


David Varney,  March 2016

Frank Molinary,  March 2017

Lee Kidd,  March 2018

Marty Stanley,  March 2019

IDA (Industrial Development) Board


J.D. Cassell/Vice-Chair,  March 2017

Bill Wallace,  March 2017

Bob Harrison/Chair,  March 2018

Jack Kiser,  March 2020

Mike Jessee,  March 2018

Harry Kelly,  March 2018

Frank Molinary,  March 2019

Planning Commission


Barbara Trent,  March 2020

Josh Sawyers, March 2020

Teresa Vencil,  March 2020

Bill Wallace/Chair  March 2017

Bob Ramey, March 2017

Kevin Sutherland, March 2018

Joey Stanley,  March 2018

Bob Harrison,  March 2019

Matt Jordan, March 2019




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