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Clinch River Farmer's Market

Meet our Farmers and Crafters:


Mr. Gordon Gross - St. Paul

Mr. Charlie Willis - St. Paul

Mr. Jay McCarty - Castlewood

Ms. Patricia Davis - Castlewood

Mr. & Mrs. Sam Blevins - Lebanon

Mr. & Mrs. Claude Karns - Castlewood

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Lyttle - Castlewood (Lyttle Farm - a Virginia Century Farm)

Ms. Shirley Elam

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Worrell - Lebanon

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Carney  - Abingdon (Coltsfoot Winery)

Mr. Clifford Salyer - Castlewood

Ms. Kim Osborne - Castlewood

Ms Bessie Salyer - Castlewood

Mr. David Lawson - Wise (MountainRose Vineyards)

Ms. Debbie Kirk - St. Paul (The Bread Lady)


Our Farmers Market Crew:


Juanita & Harry Kelly

Bob & Suzy Harrison

Doris Fletcher

Connie Kissinger

Lou Wallace

St. Paul VA Farmers Market Colage
St. Paul Farmers Market

The Clinch River Farmer's Market operates May through October on Saturdays from 8am - 1pm with Wednesdays during the summer months from 2 - 5pm. Winter Market operates one Saturday per month.

St. Paul Farmers Market - Lyttle Farm
St. Paul Farmers Market Cookbook

Pick up your copy of the Clinch River Farmer's Market Cookbook!

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